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Gov. Abbott has tested positive for COVID.

Last night I received a Twitter alert from Gov. Abbott's Twitter account which you can click on here that confirmed Gov. Greg Abbott had tested positive for COVID-19 and my first thought, as someone who had an entire family affected by the virus, was how this experience might change his stance on the mask mandate.

Here is the message notification I received on Twitter.

Thankfully, as of now, Gov. Abbott does not have symptoms such as fever or pain.

Gov. Abbott shares that he does take a COVID test every day and had been previously vaccinated. He credits the vaccine by offering that " This might be one reason I'm not feeling symptoms."

He also offers that, thankfully his wife, First Lady, Cecilia Abbott of Texas, has tested negative at this time.

Austin sees a rise in pediatric COVID cases.

As lawsuits are filed through Dallas and Houston ISD against Gov. Abbott's mask order, Austin sights an increase in pediatric COVID cases. According to KVUE in Austin, "From July 1 to Aug. 15, officials say 74 pediatric patients were admitted to local hospitals," which is a concern due to the increase.

COVID Cases in Victoria

As of August 17th, Victoria County has recorded 64 new COVID cases with an estimated 637 active cases in our community.

We hope to see Gov. Abbott making a complete recovery.

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