Texas might have southern hospitality but behind every smile, there might be a sin. Well, at least that's what the numbers might point to. Check out some of the Texas specs:

  • Lust
    • Settle down now, Texas scored the number 2 spot for being lustful. Texas is the 2nd most lustful state according to the list. The findings were based on teen birth rates, average times spent on adult sites, along with other criteria.
  • Jealousy: #10 
    • This study exposes how jealous a state Texas is, ranking it number 10.
  • Anger and Hatred
    • This is weighed by the amount of violent crimes, sex offenders, bullying rates, hate groups, and more happening in Texas. Out of the 20 states in the country, Texas ranks number 30 for Anger and Hatred.
  • Excesses and Vice: Texas takes #35. Calculating this ranking involves obesity, excessive drinking, drugs, and overdoses, plus more.
  • Greed
    • Greediness comes from various places. Whether it's excessive gambling, embezzlement, or the lack of charitable donations. Texas takes the 43rd spot on the list.

Overall, the biggest sin of the city centers around lust, ranking it second in the country., with California being the first. 


Check out all the sinners below in the WalletHub 'Most Sinful States' study:

  1. Nevada
  2. California
  3. Louisiana
  4. Florida
  5. Pennsylvania
  6. Texas
  7. Tennessee
  8. Illinois
  9. South Carolina
  10. New York
  11. Maryland
  12. North Carolina
  13. Oklahoma
  14. Alabama
  15. Arizona
  16. Arkansas
  17. Colorado
  18. Delaware
  19. Mississippi
  20. Ohio
  21. New Jersey
  22. Georgia
  23. Missouri
  24. Washington
  25. New Mexico
  26. Virginia
  27. Michigan
  28. Kentucky
  29. Kansas
  30. Alaska
  31. Indiana
  32. Rhode Island
  33. Hawaii
  34. West Virginia
  35. Oregon
  36. Wisconsin
  37. Montana
  38. Massachusetts
  39. Minnesota
  40. North Dakota
  41. Maine
  42. Nebraska
  43. Utah
  44. South Dakota
  45. Connecticut
  46. Iowa
  47. Vermont
  48. New Hampshire
  49. Idaho
  50. Wyoming

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