A Tragic Disaster

A young child confided in her mother Thursday morning about a tragic situation: her father had been touching her inappropriately. 43-year-old Gabriel Quintanilla has been identified as the father by law enforcement. Pharr police say Quintanilla was wanted on charges of continuous sexual assault of a child and assault family violence. 

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The child's brothers Alejandro and Christian Trevino caught wind of the situation and confronted Quintanilla at his residence. The brothers were furious and a physical fight broke out, according to the Pharr Police Department. Quintanilla left the residence on foot but the brothers of the minor victim were not done.

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A Fight Ensued

Christian ran after Quintanilla and found him outside a nearby apartment complex. A second fight broke out between the two and soon the other brother, Alejandro, caught up in his vehicle, along with another teen identified as Juan Eduardo Melendez, and joined in on the fight.

Eventually, the second fight finished up and all four males left the location. The three teen boys stuck together and soon changed vehicles. Authorities say the boys Alejandro, Christian, and Juan were driving a Ford F-150 when they found Quintanilla walking along a road injured and alone.

The Final Blow

They confronted Quintanilla and a third and final fight ensued. Investigation reveal that Quintanilla was beaten with brass knuckles and suffered severe head trauma.

The teen boys placed Quintanilla on top of the bed of the truck and took him to an open field where he was left and still believed to be alive at the time.

Around 3 pm Quintanilla's body was discovered in the field by a rancher, he was dead when police arrived.

Charges and Bonds


The three boys have been located and arrested. Scroll down to see their charges and bonds.

  • Alexandro Trevino – $1 Million Bond - Aggravated Assault FV and Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity
  • Christian Trevino – $1.5 Million Bond - Aggravated Assault FV and Capital Murder, Engaging In Criminal Activity
  • Juan Eduardo Melendez – $1,502,000 Million Bond - Capital Murder, Aggravated Assault, and Engaging in Criminal Activity

Public Outcry

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As soon as the news hit the public social media began to buzz. People are outraged at the system, at the bond, and at the process that is taking place. People are offering financial help to contribute towards an excellent lawyer for these teen boys who took things into their own hands to protect their little sister. Only time will tell what type of justice will be served and at whose expense.

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