Sarcastic Trolls Live Online

The internet is full of hysterical pages full of jokesters who use platforms like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter to just absolutely troll on anything and everything. One Facebook group, in particular, has had quite some crazy activity in the past few days. A group that is dedicated to trolling the internet all while acting like car-loving "boomers." The group, which calls itself "a car club that acts like boomers," has over 34,000 members, and up until recently, the posts were purely satirical and heavily sarcastic.

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The group has people from all over, Texas, California, liberals, conservatives, but absolutely no 'commies' as you will notice in their "about me" section. However, the group finally has done something right. They have gathered together to help out an unsuspecting man who is in dire need. Gary Rider posted in a for sale group earlier this week; he posted up his air compressor for $40, stating the proceeds would go to a new liver.

No Luck Gare Bear

Up until recently, he had not had much luck raising money. Bake sales and garage sales just didn't do enough, and his Gofundme account was as dry as Texas BBQ rub, raising less than $200 in two months. That's when something genius happened. A member of the boomer car group took a screenshot of Gary's post trying to sell his air compressor for $40 and posted it on the group's page.

That was it; the post immediately took off. Members held back on making fun of Gary, instead cheered him on and began donating to his Gofundme and spreading the word like crazy!

Spreading the Word in Style

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Memes were made, TikTok's were posted, and videos dedicated to Gary, of course, were shared. However, remember, this is an extremely sarcastic group full of jokesters, so don't expect this to be too teary-eyed. While the group is heavily spreading the word and donating, they are doing so in a genuinely hilarious style.

Members have flooded the page and even are taking to other social media platforms to crank up an air compressor for Gary. The whole thing is so wholesome yet hilarious, it's amazing to see what a bunch of trolls could truly come through and do.

Supporting in a Truly Hilarious Way

Trace Denby commented:

Sent from - 1963 Olivetti - Underwood Lattera 22 manual typewriter.

Of course, those donating have to do so in an appropriate fashion. I think it's pretty obvious who is from the car group and who is not...
Gary Rider Gofundme
Even 'Crank 'em For Gary Shirt' have been created! Raising money for Gary has officially become a trend, and hey, as long as this man gets a new liver, keep it rolling!
CRANK ‘EM FOR GARY via Bonfire

It is always amazing to see all different types of people join together to make something unique happen. As of now, Gary's Gofundme went from a measly $175 balance to almost $40,000 in just a matter of days.

If you would like to help Gary meet his goal and get that new liver, you can visit his Gofundme page HERE. Gooblesss!

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