KIXS 108 and Post Acute Medical join forces to recognize service men and women who have served. We thank them, we salute them, and we honor all who have fought for our freedom. This week we would like to recognize Joe Talbott.

He served as Jr. Vice Commander, Sr. Vice Commander, made All State Commander 2004 & 2005. Post 4146 was recognized as one of the top 25 Posts in the State of Tx. Mr. Talbott was on the USS Bexar APA-237 (Amphibious Personnel Assault) This ship was named after Bexar county of San Antonio, Tx. The ship could transport up to 1500 troops along with a cargo of almost 4,300 tons. Delivering this many troops and equipment was made possible by the ability to carry 24 amphibious assault boats. These boats were known as Higgins boats. The USS Bexar received three battle stars for Korean War service and five campaign stars for Vietnam War service.
Mr. Talbott was also on the USS Estes ADC-12 – Communications ship. During his time in the military as a machinist mate Mr. Talbott worked on the steam engines, keeping them in tip top shape. “I enjoyed my time in the military, I really did.”

Mr. Talbott was born in Edna, Tx, and raised in Bloomington, Tx. He has 6 children – 2 adopted, along with 14 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren. The most recent great grandchild was a little girl added to the family on 7-6-17. Mr. Talbott stated – “Don’t ask me her name, it’s too early & I can’t remember.” Mr. Talbott and his wife Melba Talbott have been married 45years. He was married right before leaving the military to his first wife who has since passed.

Upon being discharged from the military Mr. Talbott began working for Dilliham drilling company. This was for about a year. At this time Mr. Talbott had a little boy and was hard to make ends meet, so a friend contacted him about a job working for 7-Eleven. He took this job and was the manager for approximately 3 years. After this he began working for Brown & Root Construction Company which was stationed out of Brownsville, Tx for a few years. He left this job for an opportunity to work with Union as a heavy equipment operator for 6yrs. He continued to work many different jobs with many different companies for a few more years before returning to Brown & Root Construction Company for 20 years and then retired.

Mr. Talbott has volunteered with numerous organizations and numerous community events over the last 4 decades. He stated – “I’m always volunteering for something, anything and everything.” He has been with the VFW for 37 years. The Disabled American Veterans for 40 years and also the American Legion. Mr. Talbott was also recently on the front page of the Victoria Advocate for volunteering to say the pledge of allegiance on July 4th in honor of the Veterans and as a proud citizen of this great country called United States of America. The article came out in the July 5th edition. Speaking with Mr. Talbott you can feel his passion for service men and women, and is truly passionate about serving others.
Quote: “I love my Veterans, regardless of branch or whether you served in a war or not, once you’re a Veteran, you’re a Veteran.”

He also helped with Veterans Appreciation Day – started this 14yrs ago and was Chairman of this until last year when something told him that he needed to step down. He is also a family of some pretty good fisherman. He has enjoyed lots of family getting together to fish and a lot of fish caught over the years.

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