The All-American Rejects are getting the party started in their new video for ‘Beekeeper’s Daughter.’ Tyson Ritter is the main star of the video, dodging brawls and devilish women as he starts dance crazes all over town. The whole shebang ends with a huge parade, where Ritter meets back up with his AAR cohorts for a performance atop a bee and springtime-themed float. 

The video for ‘Beekeeper’s Daughter’ kicks off with Mr. Ritter, who sings about being a heartbreaker in the song, trying to apologetically give a girl some flowers — but he ultimately gets the door slammed in his face. As he exits the building, it’s clear that everyone in this town moved there to dance. Policemen, construction workers and other seemingly standard citizens begin to break out into choreographed dance moves.

As the ‘Beekeeper’s Daughter’ clip progresses, the All-American Rejects vocalist saves a girl from getting mugged, gets enveloped by some cheerleaders, and slinks across a red convertible filled with creepy black-eyed senior citizens. Later on, some devilish vixens try to woo Ritter, but they can’t stop him from partaking in a vivacious jam session with his AAR bandmates atop a parade float. Finally, after many encounters with a lot of beautiful single women, Ritter decides on his sweetie, but she’s far from what you’d expect.

‘Beekeeper’s Daughter’ marks the All-American Rejects’ first single off of their 2012 forthcoming album ‘Kids in the Street,’ which will impact some time in the near future.

Watch the All-American Rejects’ ‘Beekeeper’s Daughter’ Video