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Victoria Texas, V Town, Big Vic, The Crossroads

Whether you've lived here all your life, or just moving into the little big city of Victoria Texas, you will likely come to know, sooner or later, that there are a few oddities around these parts that truly make our community unique.

Where were the First Ten Commandments of the Crossroads scribed?

Completely juxtaposed to the divine instructions given to Moses, and written by the hand of God, preciously carved into ancient stone, and followed as laws for centuries while being known throughout the world as THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, to create the First Ten 'Crossroads Commandments', we instead, ran amuck around the desks of our teammates stopping their workflow and begging for the first thing that came to their minds as "uniquely Victorian" while we feverishly scribbled their responses in pencil on scrap paper all while frantically trying to make our noon article deadline!

Why are they known as " The First Ten?"

We're guessing once you read the First Ten Commandments of the Crossroads, you might wanna add a few of your own!  We welcome your ideas and thoughts on funny things that make our Crossroads distinct and quite frankly quirky ( but in the best ways). You are free and encouraged to scribe the NEXT TEN CROSSROADS COMMANDMENTS ( or at least one of the next ten) at the end of this article.

The FIRST Ten Commandments of The Crossroads

The First Ten Crossroads Commandments

Well, we hope you at least smiled if not laughed out loud at the first Ten Crossroads Commandments! Now it's up to you to write the rest!

Be sure to fill out the form below and we will publish more commandments as our list grows in increments of TEN!

Whatcha got?

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