Let me start out by saying that my favorite place on the planet is Disney World. However, since that is located over 1100 miles away, I have made Fiesta, Texas my go-to for thrill rides. Before that, there was Astroworld. Maybe you have heard of it?  It saddens me to drive down 610 and look to the right and only see land.  The days of the Astrodome/Astroworld/Water World were like no other.

I remember starting the day at Astroworld, catching an afternoon game at the Dome, and then closing the day at the theme park.  Rides like the Bamboo shoots, XLR-8, 'The Ultra Twister' as well as the Texas Cyclone are what introduced me to my love of thrill rides.


Across the street was the 'Eighth Wonder of the World,' THE HOUSTON ASTRODOME! The Astro-turf was state of art, at the time, and we were able to play baseball inside.  My dad and I made it a point to make a trip on Go Victoria Day and enjoyed watching the game from the Mezzanine.  I was able to witness the early days of Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell. I will even take it back further with the names of Glen Davis, Mike Scott, and yes Nolan Ryan.

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On October 9, 1999, the Houston Astros played their last official game inside the Astrodome. The final day of operation for Astroworld was October 30, 2005, almost 15 years to the date.  Here are a few of pictures to bring back those memories and a video with the interesting history of the Astrodome.