Ah, nothing like the holidays to bring families together (safely with social distancing in place of course) and nothing like the holidays to hash out great family debates.

We're not talking politics here. We're talking about cranberry sauce.

What's the best way to serve cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving?

This debate is closely related to 'Fried or baked turkey?', 'Garlic or no garlic in the mashers?' along with drum roll please...'Where is the Christmas tree going?'

Don't even get us started on "What's the budget this year for gifts? No, the real budget."

This year our family had planned to make a concerted effort creating the Thanksgiving menu together. As ALWAYS, the husband said, " Let's keep it simple this year," and this year the wife decided rather than argue she'd make it as simple as humanly possible.

This included cranberry sauce, in a can.

Suddenly, "Keep it Simple' husband decided to complicate things.

No canned cranberry!

Yes, canned cranberry! It's the easiest possible way to serve cranberry!

No, it's gross.

No, it's delicious, and bonus, it's a throwback to our childhood and simpler Thanksgiving dinners, like traditional green bean casserole with canned green beans and cream soup.

No, traditional green bean casserole. Let's make the stewed tomatoes with bacon and saute the green beans version.

But that's not simple. Opening a can of green beans is simple like opening a can of cranberry sauce is simple.


Yep, nothing like the holidays. Festivus for the rest of us!

BTW - cranberry cut from the can will last up to two months in the fridge, according to Real Simple Magazine. Unlike the fancy stuff. Just saying.

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