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Who would have thought a simple Christmas card could stir up so much emotion.

Earlier in the week it was revealed by some 'Swifties', Taylor Swift's rabid fan base, that she had sent out a Christmas card featuring her three cats. After learning about this some members of the KiddNation cast were upset that they didn't receive a card from Taylor too. J-Si was among them and so he thought about sending his own Christmas card to her management company, 13 Management, in hopes of getting a card in the mail or at least on the mailing list for next year!

Seeing how the cast is working from home some of them wondered if there could be a secret envelope waiting for them to open when they return to the office. Well, this morning the executive producer of the show, White Cheddar, has a big surprise for the cast!

Taylor Swift did send a card to the offices of the show and the cast's reaction was priceless! But who's going to get possession of the card since there's only one and at least three people want it, watch to find out!

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