Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

It's what makes us unique our opinion. Not everyone has to agree on everything and having a dissenting opinion on something can be healthy an insightful. But in today's times you have to be aware of your opinion and how it can affect others because not everyone will agree with you.

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This morning during the 'Celebrity Gossip' portion of the show, the cast was talking about Disney's production of the live action remake of 'The Little Mermaid' and now Kasey Musgraves' name has been thrown in to play the human role of Ursula. That lead the cast to debate if she should really be thrown into such a big acting role for her first gig, because we've seen some singers go down in flames on their first acting gigs.

That lead to Kellie making a pretty bold statement about Beyonce and her acting skills back in the day. After her statement, Part Time Justin comes to Beyonce's defense and the Beyhive, we'll they were swarming on KiddNation's social media.

Catch Kellie's bold and unpopular opinion below.

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