Ed. note: What are the Top 20 Movies of 2012? We asked our film critic Jordan Hoffman (who previously put together a list of the Best Movies of the first half of the year) to compile a list of the Best of 2012 of all the many movies he saw this year.

I hate this. I hate making a list of the Top Movies of 2012. Even when you blow out your top 10 movies list into a top 20 movies list, you are still leaving some fabulous films behind. (There's something perfect that the histrionic French film about getting dumped, 'Good-bye First Love,' was the one that got dropped in the #21 slot.)

Then there's the question of whether or not you should tailor a list of the Top Movies of 2012 to be sure to include representatives from different genres, budget sizes and nations of origin. I try to avoid this and just be myself, something you'll have to accept when you look at some of my picks for the best movies of the year and think “really???” But these are the films that resonate for me, and the ones I'll be talking about for years to come.

Of course, I say that now. I look back to earlier lists and ask myself what the hell I was drinking that day. (You may also notice a few inconsistencies with the “10 Best Movies of 2012 (So Far)” list I did in the middle of the year, but I love it as a record of the fluid nature of opinion.

With that, ready your Netflix queue and let's hope the movies of 2013 is as good as these: The Top 20 Movies of 2012!

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