You think the winter snow makes your commute a mess? You should what it does to live TV.

The good people at News Be Funny have put together this fantastic compilation of snow news bloopers. Now, you're probably thinking, "How many bloopers can there possibly be?" Well, this video runs about 20 minutes, so we suggest you fire up some hot cocoa, wrap a blanket around your shoulders and hunker down for some laughs.

From NSFW slips of the tongue to accidental slips on the ground and everything in between, this compilation captures two things that, when mixed together, create as much havoc as driving on the roads when the white stuff has made it clear that traffic should be in the forecast.

Of course, sometimes the best bloopers are always unexpected, but fall into your lap like a first-time snow surfer falling into the waves. Bottom line: if you think we're done seeing great weather-related bloopers, we've gotta tell you that there's not a snowball's chance in you-know-where that'll happen.

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