Hard working independent women in Texas have got some bad news coming their way. A survey revealed that Texas is the third worst state for women's finances.


Compared to men, the median earnings for women are 25% lower than men in Texas.

According to a Forbes survey, the median woman’s salary in Texas is $39,615,
while the median for men is $52,823.


When it comes to a six-figure salary, women fall short. Only 13.19% of women working full-time make more than $100,000 compared to 24.61% of men.

A few different factors contribute to this finding, including the abundance of male-dominated fields like oil and gas.


Texas may be known as a business-friendly state, but when it comes to women-owned businesses, there's a delay. Nearly 60% of businesses in Texas are owned by men, on the latter, only 21.48% are women-owned. 

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According to the Reserve Bank of Dallas, women find it a bit harder to secure business loans and other forms of financing which are essential in many cases to keep their business afloat.

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  • Women's Median earnings: $39,615
  • Men's Median earnings: $52,823
  • Women's Earning six figures: 13.19%
  • Men's Earning six figures: 24.61%
  • Businesses owned by women: 21.48%
  • Businesses owned by men: 59.81%

Score: 13.49 out of 100

75%-women's median earnings as a percentage of men's median earnings

13.19%-percentage of full-time working women earning six figures

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