Lately, it seems easier for a small child to score a cocktail than an 18-year-old with a fake ID.

In the most recent story, Pam Bruenning and her three young children went into a Chili's in Longmont, Colorado on July 4 and ordered fruit smoothies. When her daughter complained of dizziness and stomach pains, Bruenning took a sip of the girl's drink and discovered it was loaded with tequila.

Management was alerted and EMTs were called. The kids -- aged eight, six and one -- were all fine, if a little worse for wear.

The eight-year-old "passed out" at that evening's fireworks show and the six-year-old was "extra wild," thus proving the effects of alcohol are the same no matter how old you are.

The family is still undecided about pressing charges against the restaurant. The Longmont Chili's issued a statement that said in part, "At Chili's, the health and safety of our guests is of utmost importance. [...] The Longmont Chili's cooperated fully with local authorities in this instance. Additionally, we are conducting our own formal and thorough internal investigation."

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