Blue Origin successfully launched their suborbital space capsule named New Shepard, at Corn Ranch in West Texas today.

Here is the replay of the live launch provided by Blue Origin on Youtube.


Blue Origin launches from the Corn Ranch in Van Horn Texas, dubbed the companies "spaceport," and the success of this launch might mean Blue Origin astronauts and passengers will be next into space.

Owned by Jeff Bezos, think President and CEO of Amazon, Blue Origin was created with the goal of providing commercial tourist flights to outer space, and with today's successful launch, tours to outer space might not be far behind.

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Their mission statement says it all. " We are BUILDING A ROAD. We're committed to building a road to space so our children can build the future."

The success of this flight puts us one really big step closer to flying astronauts,” launch commentator Ariane Cornell said from company headquarters in Kent, Washington. “There’s going to be a lot of fun ahead in 2021,” reported.

Today's launch of the New Shepard rocket is said to be a test of the newest upgrades which include, temperature and humidity controls. New Shepard's moniker is a nod to the first American in space, Alan Shephard. Hey, If you own a space company you get to name your space ships and space ship 'stuff" fun names like New Shepard, New Glenn named after you guessed it, John Glenn, and Mannequin Skywalker, the dummy that rode in the rocket today. Mannequin Skywalker's flight lasted 10 minutes as the capsule reached 66 miles above West Texas.

Interested in flying into outer space? 

Check out on the "Fly With Us" page from Blue Origins right here.

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