Trace Cyrus went on a rant against "jealous" female fans after someone reported a photo of his fiancee Taylor Lauren Sanders being choked on Instagram.

The musician accused fans of being jealous of Sanders' beauty, urging them to do something to fix their appearance if they're so unhappy. He added, "There's so much that can be done," before slamming alleged haters.

"F--- ALL U JEALOUS GIRLS REPORTING MY PIC OF MY BAE!!!," He wrote after Instagram deleted the photo for not following community guidelines. "Y r so many of u girls on social media so jealous of a beautiful woman? If you're not happy with your looks then f---ing do something about it!!! Go to the gym, learn to do your makeup properly, find out about fashions that fit your body type."

He added, "There's so much that can be done. But don't go hating on my girl because she's hot!! There was nothing wrong with the picture I had posted. So many of u miserable girls out there f---ing flagged it so it got taken down!! I believe every woman can be beautiful but JEALOUSY & lack of confidence in yourselves makes u all look disgusting. Stop hating on other girls because of the insecurities you have in yourself."

Cyrus, 29, then returned to Instagram stories to address the incident again. He noted that he has "this crazy power to say the most logical inoffensive statements ever" but still gets flack. The recording artist claimed it was "Only because what I said reflects their negative qualities about themselves."

He and Sanders announced their engagement right before the new year. He shared the news on Instagram, with a video taken shortly after he proposed.

"Well...It's official! SHE SAID YES! We're getting married! I will love you FOREVER!!! @taylorlaurensanders," he wrote, adding ring, heart and heart-eye emojis.

The couple released a music video together in August for a song called "Give My Heart to You."

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