As we slide into mid-August in South Texas it's no surprise the thermometer appears to be topping out just above the triple-digit mark lately, with extreme heat index values to go with it. This stretch of very warm weather will continue for Victoria County and much of the Coastal Bend over the weekend. Rain chances for Victoria County remain at 10% or less but a brief pop-up shower certainly is not out of the question Saturday or Sunday.

  • Thursday: Mostly Sunny. High 100 (Heat Index Values 105-109)
  • Friday: Mostly Sunny. High 100 (Heat Index Values 105-109)
  • Saturday: Mostly Sunny. High 101 (Heat Index Values 105-109)
  • Sunday: Mostly Sunny. High 102 (Heat Index Values 105-109)

As you head towards the coast it will only feel like turning up the oven as areas of Kleberg, Nueces, and San Patricio will see Heat Index Values well over 112 degrees.

Use caution if you are working outdoors in the heat. Take plenty of breaks and stay hydrated. Remember to check on pets and the elderly who may live nearby, and always remember that nobody should be waiting inside a car for any length of time during a weekend like this.

NOAA South Texas Beachcast 8-13

If you are beach bound today or over the weekend remember to be aware of Rip Currents. LOW risk does not mean NO risk. Wave, Yell, Swim parallel.

Stay cool as best you can and have a safe and fun weekend!

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