If you've lived in South Texas longer than a day, you know that the weather here is a lot like a yo-yo, especially in winter. In fact, the age-old adage for South Texas weather goes like this..." Don't like the weather in South Texas, give it 20 minutes."

Our 20 minutes of drastic weather change is right around the corner with a drastic weather change headed our way just in time for New Years!

It's Monday and our weather is warm with highs in the 70s today. Tomorrow it looks like we could see about the same temperatures but with a 45% chance of (much needed) rain. Wednesday it looks like the high will almost be close to 80 degrees but during the night we are going to see a big dip into the 40s!

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Thursday it gets COLD COLD COLD ( well, South Texas cold) with a high in the 50s and the lows in the 30s. Your chance of showers though is up to 60% right now so it could possibly be cold and wet which always makes me hopeful for snow!

POO! The Farmer's Almanac 2021 predicts that if there is any snow that's going to happen for Texas it's going to be towards the end of January and that likely won't include SouthTexas.

Friday is the first day of 2021 and it looks to be a yo-yo OF COURSE!  Hey, it is South Texas! Temps in the upper 60's but again, lows in the 30s.

We don't care what the weather is, we are just excited to be rid of 2020!!!!

Be sure to protect the 3 P's as we get closer to the cold weather predicted for New Years though; pets, pipes, and plants!

Also with a cold and wet New Years predicted, be sure to be extra safe on the roads if you're traveling.

Looks like New Years for us will be celebrated on the couch next to the fire!

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