Save your moves for the dance floor.

This (butt) cheeky lady is busy twerking for the camera -- as well as the drivers speeding by. All is well until a car and a bike coming in different directions smash right into each other. We're not either driver was distracted, but, come on, a woman twerking on the side of the road isn't something you see every day while behind the wheel, so we think there's a legit chance she played a part in it.

According to LiveLeak, which posted the video, "Biker [is] alive with fracture of the pelvis and an open fracture of the leg."

The whole thing is sad, really. Not only was someone hurt, but this woman, in some indeterminate country where it looks like nothing much happens is filling her time by twerking. It's like she's waiting to get the call from a real strip club where she can peddle her flesh in a dimly-lit room while her customers can watch from the safety of a table and not from a seat attached to a steering wheel.

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