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How has the mail been at your house? Do you feel like the delivery time has slowed down? Maybe things seem to be moving at the same speed they always have, but others have noticed that the term 'snail mail' is all too accurate.

The issues facing the United States Postal Service are many, and the damage done by the coronavirus pandemic may be too much to overcome. We are hearing word this week from the U.S.P.S about a new 10-year plan that will see a reduction in the number of post offices and a reduction in hours locations that will remain open. ABC13.com posted a great article about the announcement that came from Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. The agency says Texans and Americans all over the country should prepare for reduced hours at some offices, and they also plan to slow down the mail delivery standard. The Postmaster General says they are still committed to the mission of delivering mail to every house six days a week. However, plans are coming together now that may slow down some services. Things like first-class mail will remain the same for about 70% of their delivery area nation-wide, but it will be outskirts, or farthest-reaching areas of the service, that a slow down is expected to be announced officially.


This must have been what happened to the Christmas and Birthday cards I have tried to send to my family over the last few months. Guess what? None of them have arrived!

McConnell Adams, Townsquare Media Lansing
McConnell Adams, Townsquare Media Lansing

My own experience has been that if I order something off a website, that the delivery time frame has largely been the same. However, putting a card or handwritten letter in the mail and goes into the Orion Nebula. I put a birthday card in the mail in February that still has not shown up back in the Midwest. Every few days I go online and try to see if my gift card tracker can tell me if anyone else is using the gift card I included, hoping that could provide a clue as to where the card actually ended up. So far no luck.

I've now gone to sending things as certified mail that requires a signature upon delivery. I'm kinda surprised it's come to that. We sure are going through changes in this country are we not? That reminds me, the next time you see your local mail carrier in our Crossroads neighborhoods be sure to tell them thanks for bringing the mail and that we appreciate their efforts. For some people sending a letter might be the only way they have to reach out and they count on their delivery making it to the destination.

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