With Veteran's Day right around the corner, the U.S.S Lexington Museum will be hosting a virtual Fleet Week to honor our state and national Veterans.

The city of Corpus Christi would normally host events leading up to Veterans Day for all branches of the armed forces including the Navy, but thanks to Coronavirus this year things will be a little different.

The U.S.S Lexington is partnering with a video game company called World of Warships so that Fleet Week can be an online event. The director of the U.S.S Lexington Museum says it's a chance for Texans to get into the game with the ships as a way to interact the week of Veterans Day. If you don't have World of Warships you can access a link on Twitch or Youtube and watch the show go down!

The event will be a chance to showcase the Navy and Lexington in a way that has not been done before for Veterans Day. Fleet Week will also recognize the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and the Marines.

The History Channel's naval historians and museum reps from the U.S.S Lexington, U.S.S Iowa, U.S.S Midway, and U.S.S Intrepid will all take part as several Veterans will be on hand with their stories.

Virtual Fleet Week will be a free event online.


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