Who else is fed up with idiots mistreating animals in Texas?

A woman in Rosenburg, Texas was caught on camera dumping a cat in a nature park trash can.

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Authorities are asking the Texas community to help them identify this person who was driving a black Ford Focus on January 12th through Rosenburg National Park.

Security footage captured the entire scene when this person parked their Ford Focus next to a large trash container. Footage shows the driver then placed the cat in the carrier insuring that the cat COULD NOT EASILY ESCAPE THEIR FATE before throwing it in the trash can.

Do you know who this is?

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Fortunately, a good samaritan stopped to watch the scene play out and rescued the cat almost immediately after the driver left. The cat was taken to the Rosenburg Animal Shelter.

Sadly the cat did not have a microchip.

Cats are less likely to be microchipped nationwide, so just a friendly reminder that chips are good for cats too!

What else is good for cats? Not throwing them away in the trashcan! 

The Rosenburg Animal Shelter treated the sweet kitty and named him King Triton.

I mean, look at that precious face. 

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A happy ending! 

Within days of creating a Facebook post, the Rosenburg Animal Shelter was able to find a new loving home for King Triton.

The comments on the post reassure animal lovers that people are fed up with animal abusers.

The search continues for the criminal who will hopefully be caught and charged with animal cruelty. 

Please consider adopting an animal today. It's unfathomable what many of these precious animals have been through.


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