As if Usher didn’t have enough to deal with these days, he’s on his way back to court again. This time, he’s not facing off with his ex, Tameka Foster. Ursh is being sued by a DJ alleging that the ‘Scream’ singer stole his track.

TMZ reports that Aubrey Davis, who uses the stage name DJ Mixx, filed a federal lawsuit against Usher in Florida. Davis claimed that his own song, ‘Let’s Go,’ was the basis of ‘Hey Daddy,’ one of Usher’s tracks on ‘Raymond v. Raymond.’ Davis said that someone he showed his song to somehow passed it along to Usher, who then added lyrics to it and used it on his own record.

According to Davis’ lawsuit, the song ‘Let’s Go’ was copyrighted and Usher’s camp neither asked permission to use the track, nor paid him any royalties for it. Davis claims that Usher and his team then copyrighted the song as their own. Davis’ attorneys filed the suit for an unknown sum and requested that Usher never use ‘Hey Daddy’ ever again.

The suit is only the latest in a slew of headaches and heartbreaks for the singer. He recently filed a restraining order against a crazed stalker and is trying to reach a custody settlement with his ex-wife. Most tragically, Usher is coping with the news that his former stepson was declared brain dead after a jet ski accident.

We hope that this case is brought to justice swiftly so that Usher can focus on his personal and professional life.

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