Valentines Day falls on the same day EVERY-SINGLE-YEAR. So you have 364 days to plan ahead. Gifts are not mandatory but they sure are appreciated, so don't make yours a failure.


Nothing says "I didn't put a single ounce of thought into this" than showing up with a drug store body wash set. You don't need to spend your life savings on a gift to make it memorable, but you do need to put in some effort.

There are ways to step up your gift-giving game. Take a body wash set for instance. Instead of grabbing that Dove bath set, opt for local handmade soaps and throw in a cute bath bomb made by a local small business.


Drop by your local Farmers Market and check out what the small businesses have in stock. You can easily wow someone with locally grown, fresh wildflowers instead of commercially sold wilted-out roses.


Typically it's true, any gift is better than no gift but if you find yourself grabbing any of these gifts below, you might want to rethink your choices. Check out 10 of the most cringe-worthy played-out Valentine's Day gifts.

  • 1

    Name Tattoo


    For the love of everything holy, DON'T DO IT. Tattoos are forever, you're relationship might not be.

  • 2

    Edible Undies


    Edible underwear had its five minutes of fame decades ago. The only thing I imagine is the candies are too good and you accidentally get bitten...

  • 3

    Weight-Related Gifts


    Just don't. Trust me being this supportive on Valentines Day is not helpful.

  • 4

    A Bill


    I'm all for equality but if you wine and dine, someone, don't you DARE hand them a bill for 50% of the costs.

  • 5

    Drug Store Gift Set


    Tell me you didn't put any effort without telling me you didn't put any effort.


  • 6

    A Gift That's Really For The Gifter


    Just because she played COD once with you does not mean she wants that limited edition controller that you've had your eye on. Just get it for yourself later.

  • 7

    Hygiene Products


    A gift set of Dove shower gel and body wash isn't exactly romantic...

    You can get away with this one if they are handmade since that makes it more personal and less commercial.

  • 8

    Fake Proposal


    These are the worse, like placing a necklace inside a beautiful ring box. Leave that humor for another day.

  • 9



    Honestly, this one is a 50-50. Intimate apparel is so personal and a delicate piece of clothing to choose from. So unless she's heavily hinted at this and you truly know her style and sizing, just skip it.

  • 10

    Break-Up Letter


    Come on, have some basic human decency. If you know the relationship is taking a nosedive then bail out before Valentine's Day.

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