Cody and Sarah Walthall have a great story as graduates of Victoria College.

Graduated of Victoria College, Cody and Sarah Walthall had a heart to heart conversation that would change their life. According to a recent VC press release, Sarah recalls, " We were sitting in the truck when Cody told me he was thinking about medical school, but it was in the Caribbean. I said, 'Ok, sure." Cody and Sarah had never been out of Texas.

Cody hadn't decided to pursue a career in medicine until he attended VC from 2006 to 2008. " he instructors at VC made science and biology more likable for me," Cody offers. After graduating from VC and then UHV, he applied at Ross University School of Medicine in Dominica.After 18 months in Domininca Cody began clinicals in Miami and Detroit. His residency was at the UA Medical Sciences in Ft. Smith before joining Parkside Family Clinic in Cuero in July of 2019.

“We both wanted to come back to the area,” Cody said. “Our families and all our friends are here.”

He is on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19 now.  “Medical professionals in rural settings are naturally prepared for situations like this. We have to take precautions earlier than most hospitals. The staff at Cuero Regional Hospital is highly trained, and they’ve done an exceptional job delivering compassionate, safe and up-to-date medical care following CDC guidelines."

Sarah who obtained her associate degree from Victoria College in 2009 and her bachelors in Business management from UHV in 2011 says her business acumen comes in handy as a stay-at-home mother with four sons, Connor, 6; Scott, 4; and Collin, 2; and Shawn, 1 month.

“The household is kind of a small business,” Sarah says.

Ten years ago they were students at VC. Look at their lives together now. WOW.

“Even if you don’t know what your degree path is, just taking your basics at Victoria College makes you interpret information differently and interpret life differently,” Cody said. “It helps you make better decisions.

Lots of love to the Wathall family and our VC gradautes, most especially to our graduates this year. Like the Wahalls, an incredible start to the future!

Photo and Press Release courtesy of Victoria College.

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