Everyone's schedule is kinda crazy here in 2020. We're all coming and going according to a new set of rules and safety measures.

While many Texans rushed home last night for the first glimpse of NFL football on TV, others enjoyed the cool temps outside with a bike ride down the street. Victoria Officer Tyler Kennemer was in the area of South Liberty and East Water streets when a call came in about a 9-year-old boy who had hit by a vehicle while riding a small mini motorbike according to the Victoria Advocate.

The advocate reports that Officer Kennemer says the boy rode the mini motorbike through a stop sign when the young man was struck by a vehicle and injured his arm. The boy was transported to a Victoria hospital.

If you've had any kind of nasty traffic accident in your life, you probably hate seeing others involved in an accident with injury. I think we can all say this is especially true when it's a minor who gets hurt. A couple of witnesses saw the crash involving the 9-year-old and the minibike. According to the Advocate, Kenny Crawford and Alexis Young, both 13, saw this accident first hand. Kenny told the advocate the say the boy riding the minibike at the intersection and tried to get his attention when they saw a vehicle approaching the area.

The two witnesses said by the time the boy on the minibike saw the car, it almost instantly struck the bike sending the 9-year-old forward, landing on his arm and head on the concrete. Additional residents in the neighborhood heard the commotion and came to help the boy. One of the injured young man's family members called 9-1-1. The child was able to get up off the street and walk himself to the curb for treatment when police and paramedics made it to the scene.

The boy was taken to the hospital for a check-up to make sure he was ok. It's been a crazy summer for our kids. There haven't been many afternoons that feature cool temperatures that make for near-perfect bike riding weather. Please keep an extra eye out for our kids as you head home weekday afternoons. We hope this little guy ends up without any serious injuries.

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