If you have time to sit around, then you definitely have time to walk around. Come walk for a purpose on Saturday February 1st at Victoria College for Heart Walk 2020. You might be asking, "What is a Heart Walk? And how far do we have to walk? And are there going to be dinosaurs?" Well, I'm not sure why you are asking about that last part, but I can assuredly tell you that the Heart Walk is an event to get people moving around and to help raise money for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Its a cash donation, so bring what you feel is fair and join the fun. As for the distance, the walk event will be a little over 3 miles and should be easy enough to finish walking. If you wish to take part, then call the campus at 361-445-3190 or click here for more information. Start off National Heart Month at VC for Heart Walk.

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