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This is the third time within the last few days that I've heard about house fires in the Victoria community.

It's time to talk about what to do if your home catches on fire and how we as a community can help those who have lost their homes to a fire.

Just this morning March 15th, James Munoz of Crossroads Today reported that Victoria firefighters responded to an early morning fire at the 2100 block of N. Cameron. The report indicates the fire was reported about 6:24 a.m. and firefighters offered that no one was inside the home at the time. Just yesterday another home was destroyed in Victoria by fire as well. This house fire happened at 1200 block of Caroline Street. Luckily the residents were out of the home when it started and no injuries were reported. Last Saturday, a home in Northcrest was completely destroyed as well.

A State Farm website here offers some insights into what to do immediately after a house fire which includes; protecting your home from unlawful entry after the fire, taking your pets to the vet to be sure their lungs are clear, and to be sure to get copies of the fire report from the local fire department.

Some of their tips might seem obvious, but when you've experienced a house fire, your mind has a tendency to be in other places.

I've had the opportunity to interview local residents who have lost their homes to fire and they describe it as traumatic. Outside of replacing everything they owned prior to the fire, the first hurdle becomes finding a safe place to live.

The American Red Cross of Coastal Bend is usually on the scene after firefighters and emergency workers to help families in need in the Crossroads community.

Two recommended ways community members can help a family are to help cover the cost of shelter for their temporary lodgings or to offer them gift cards.

They will need the basics first; think HEB, Wal-Mart, Target gift cards, and food gift cards are an excellent way to help relieve their stress and feed their families while giving them the choice to get what they feel they need first.

Our thoughts are with the families in our community that has recently lost their homes. If you know someone in need due to these recent house fires, do not hesitate to call our Townsquare Media number at 361. 573.0777. We have a list of resources to share.

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