Q 92 and RCR Homes, “Your Crossroads Builder”, would like to take a moment to say Thank You to all the Heroes Behind the Badge.  We want to say Thank You to all the police officers, sheriff’s deputies, corrections officers, detectives, parole officers, probation officers, SWAT team members, traffic cops, police supervisors, law enforcement managers, fire fighters, EMS personnel and police chiefs.

This week we would like to honor Lieutenant Dustin Ferguson from the Victoria Fire Department.

Robert T. Fox Assistant Chief – EMS nominated Dustin. Here is what he told us: We would like to Nominate Lieutenant Dustin Ferguson from the Victoria Fire Department.  He is an 11 year veteran with the Department and also serves as an interim EMS Supervisor and Field Training Officer.  Lieutenant Ferguson has received numerous commendations for his work with 911 Center in developing the Fire Department’s Dispatching Protocol and Response Systems.  Managing the Dispatch System is not part of Lieutenant Ferguson’s normal duties, this task was a special assignment issued by the Fire Chief in addition to his daily duties and responsibilities.   In addition to being a Key Leader in the field for the Victoria Fire Department, Lieutenant Ferguson has made substantial contributions from behind the scenes through his work with the Fire Department Dispatching System.

We asked Dustin a few questions so we could get to know him better and here is what he told us.  Dustin has been in Fire/EMS for 15 years and 11 years with the Victoria Fire Department. He has a pit bull named Bella. Some people call him by his nickname “Fergie”. His best childhood memory is the last day of school. Dustin likes listening to rock music. His favorite song is Metallica One. His favorite concert he attended was Pantera. He enjoys eating at the Pumphouse. He would like the public to know that with our social media driven society that our public needs to know firefighters EMT and Police Officers are all ordinary people whom by their professions are placed in extraordinary situations. We all do our best every day to serve the public the best we can! Last but not least he would like to challenge all tax paying citizens to do a few things. #1 educate yourself! Know the difference between City, County, College and ISD taxes.  Know where your money is going!! #2 get involved in your local systems. Go to a VISD or Victoria College board meeting. Keep all parties involved in our local community accountable. Not just the one which our local media focuses on! We would like to thank Dustin for serving our community.

If you know of someone who deserves to be honored please fill out the brief questionnaire below. Each week our station will be honoring a law enforcement person on air.  Heroes Behind the badge is brought to you by KIXS 108 and RCR Homes Your crossroads builder.

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