Picture it. You go to the bank to make a transaction and notice there isn't any money in your account. Then you ask the teller for a transaction history only to notice that almost $500 was spent on Apple iTunes without your knowledge or authorization. That happened to one local Victoria mother...we'll call her Jelissa.

Apparently, her son Dandrew, likes a certain game on his iPhone...fair enough right? Well those games cost money to make and therefore need to generate a revenue somehow so they sell upgrades to make the game more fun and allow you to achieve more which turns into buying more perks to get further and so on and so on....it's a vicious cycle.

Dandrew loved the game so much he purchased $500 in upgrades over the course of 4-5 days. And now, poor Dandrew will probably be forced to live in the make believe city he spent so much to build...perhaps there's a business in this city that will hire him to help pay off Jelissa's phone iTunes bill? Keep it tuned as the story unfolds....

Question: What would YOU do if this was YOUR child?

I look forward to your answers.