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Thanks to COVID the Victoria Preservation, Inc. had to reschedule and then 're-reschedule' its famous VPI, Inc. Cemetery Tour but thankfully VPI, Inc. has announced this year's Cemetery Tour, titled,' Pioneers, Patriots, and Pariahs' is back ON, April 17th and this is an event you don't want to miss.

Victoria Preservation, Inc. is tasked with preserving and protecting the heritage and history of Victoria County and one of the greatest ways they are able to accomplish their mission is through fundraising. The Annual Cemetery Tour is a part of that fundraising element so when you go, know you are supporting the future of Victoria's preservation.

The Cemetery Tour will feature the past lives of iconic Victorians who helped shaped our city's future, just like Margaret Borland who was a famous female cattle driver, and John McHenry who was Victoria's 1st Victoria County Judge.

This year, the Cemetery Tour will be hosted at the Leo J. Welder Center and tickets will be sold exclusively through their doors at the Welder Center Box Office. Keep in mind, the VPI will be following the Leo J.Welder social distancing guidelines and protocols. Tickets are $25.00 per person.

On a personal note, as a history buff and certainly curious about how the city I live in was shaped by those before me, I've had the opportunity to attend several of the previous VPI, Inc. Cemetery Tours and they are fascinating. Here is a shout-out to the staff, volunteers, and actors who work endless hours to research and portray the lives of the 'pioneers, patriots, and pariahs' in our community's history.

If you go once, you'll want to go every year.

We're glad to see that the VPI, Inc. Cemetery Tour is back!

Photo Courtesy of VPI/Used with Permission
Photo Courtesy of VPI/Used with Permission

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