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Congratulations are in order for Stroman Middle School Victoria County Spelling Bee winner, 8th grader, Aaron Ehsan. He became the top speller last Thursday for Victoria County when he correctly spelled, “salubrious.”

According to a report by Carolina Astrain at Crossroads Today, both Aaron Ehsan and Laney Aiken, a high school student, were named "co-champions once again at the county bee. The co-champions will go on to represent Victoria County at the Regional Spelling Bee on March 6 at Parkway Church in Victoria," Carolina reported.

Aaron has competed in the prestigious Scripps National Spelling Bee previously in the fifth grade and placed 52nd at that time.

Over a million people watch the ESPN Scripps National Spelling Bee Championship. Over 11 million students compete for the top prizes which include a trophy, and $50,000.00.

Five hundred kids take the stage in what many considered the "sport" of spelling. And as experts can attest, becoming a spelling bee champion takes much more than just memorization. Here is a great Youtube video provided by Cheddar that explains some of the processes and misconceptions about spelling bee championships.

In 2018, Texas middle schooler, Karthik Nemmani of McKinney Texas won the championship. In 2019, there were 8 champions who shared the Scripps championship, and out of those eight champions, four were from Texas.

With the 2020 championship canceled due to COVID, 2021's Scripps Championship will be highly anticipated. Scheduled for June 1st through the 3rd in National Harbor, Maryland, we hope to see Aaron and Laney at the 2021 Scripps National Spelling Bee!


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