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Victoria's Best Kept Christmas Secret Revealed

Right on the corner of Mallette and Blyth sits an acre and a half of land once considered just part of the countryside of Victoria. Over the last forty years though, that area of the country slowly became a subdivision as the land was passed down to the next generation.

Joy Pittman and her best friend Debbie Stephens have spent the last twelve years creating something truly unique for Victoria, by utilizing the acre and a half that Joy inherited from her father to create Victoria's Christmas Wonderland, undoubtedly Victoria's best kept Christmas secret.

You and your family are invited to tour Victoria's Christmas Wonderland.

Luckily this holiday season, Joy and Debbie want to invite each of us to come out and enjoy the wonder that is truly a Christmas Wonderland. Or as Joy laughs, " It's also been called "Little Cuero."

When does Christmas Wonderland Open?

Open the first Friday evening after Thanksgiving every year, Christmas Wonderland lights up the Crossroads literally as an outdoor venue to explore with family and friends enjoying the thousands of lights and lighted Christmas displays that Joy and Debbie have spent weeks preparing beforehand. They started off small, but over the years, after garage sales, hand-me-downs, donations, and Christmas discount shopping, the land Joy inherited has quietly and carefully been transformed into something truly magical for all of us.

" We do this because we love the spirit of Christmas" Joy offers. "It's like no other time of year," Joy and Debbie concur.

Christmas Wonderland, located at 107 Blythe is open Monday through Friday from 6 to 9 pm and on weekends from 6 until 10 pm beginning November 26th.

And Christmas Wonderland is like no other venue in Victoria during the holidays.

Debbie and Joy spend several weeks before Christmas outlining their plan for the season and work hours on end to ensure that the lights turn on Friday after Thanksgiving no matter what. They haven't let snow or flooding, or COVID stop them.

Families with children are especially welcome, they are just asked to keep their children supervised at all times. Touring Christmas Wonderland is absolutely free but after several people mentioned it and then threatened to put one up for Joy and Debbie themselves, the two best friends have finally added a donation box at the gazebo.

Joy and Debbie will continue to build it bigger and better every year while they can.

"We're getting older," Debbie teases. "But this just makes us feel so good."

These sweet friends offer, “We so enjoy and look forward to seeing everyone from 1-90+ having a great time, enjoying the atmosphere that walking through the yard creates.  People are kinder and more appreciative of their fellow man.  Thanks to all who have come through for supporting our efforts to make others’ Christmas so special.”

Tour Christmas Wonderland this year, Crossroads and together let's get the word out!

Christmas Wonderland

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