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Last week on Twitter a Texan posted a very troubling video.
The video which is now going viral shows two Texas teens who were arrested by Harris County sheriff deputies after running out of gas.
What we know so far is that one of the "crimes" has been listed as " impending a roadway" after the car the teens were driving allegedly ran out of gas.
The teens called for assistance but shortly afterwards found themselves surrounded by deputies.
 According to ABC 13 the two teens are Langham Creek High School football players: senior Kristopher Willis and Seth Palumbo from the varsity team. Willis and Palumbo were arrested with two separate charges. Palumbo was charged with felony assaulting a peace officer, and Willis could face a misdemeanor count of impeding a roadway.
Impending a roadway. They ran out of gas.
The arrest is absolutely heart wrenching as one of the teens actually calls out for his mother after being slammed into his vehicle and later thrown to the ground during the arrest process.

Since being shared on Twitter, the tweet has already received nearly 800 comments and over a million views.

An investigation into the manner in which the teens were arrested in under investigation.

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