A road sign placed on the corner of one of Houston's busiest intersections was tampered with, leaving an expletive and foul message for people commuting nearby to read for hours.


@Mizanur_TX via X

On the corner of Westheimer and Montrose Boulevard, a rouge road sign showed an obscene message to people traveling in the area. The first sign flashed, "DUE TO WEATHER," followed by "GO F**K YOUSELF." 

This sign was left up for hours Monday morning. The sign was not owned by Houston Public Works. The owner of the sign was not immediately located. 


@Mizanur_TX via X

However, hours after the explicit message was broadcast to the heavily saturated Montrose area, a city inspector finally came out and turned it off. 

An employee from Houston Public Works explained that the equipment used to control the message on the sign was locked inside a box attached to the sign itself. So, whoever was responsible for the message, must have broken into the box. The employee believed the person must have experience working in construction or could unlock the box themself.

 "We were unable to locate who the sign belonged to," a Houston Public Works spokesperson said in an email.


The moment was captured first-hand by an actual traveler. This was posted to X, documenting the insane moment. 

The post reads, "Well, this made my commute to our office this morning rather entertaining. This is at the high-profile corner of Montrose and Westheimer just before some ongoing roadwork."

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