Victoria Independent School District has announced some incredible proposals for its students when they return to school Fall 2020.

According to the proposal which was posted on the VISD website, which you can read here, Dr. Quintin Shepard, VISD Superintendent, offers a personal video describing the proposals which include smaller classroom sizes, relocating classrooms to public spaces and rotating class schedules weekly. " There is a spectrum of possibilities," Dr. Shepard leads the video. " On one side we're all back in school full-time on the other side there is being fully remote. What I want to talk about today is a hybrid of both of those plans. The younger students need more in school instruction, older students need less."

Dr. Shepard goes on to offer, "We are looking at 15 students per classroom for the elementary schools, with lunches delivered in each classrooms. This of course means we need more room. If we can work out the plans, we might see students in community rooms like churches."

"Then for middle and high school, we are thinking some will need in school instruction and some remote, " he offers. " We happened upon an article that proposed four days on and three days off for two groups rotating weeks between the two groups."

The website offers,  "VISD Administrators have been reflecting about the immediate disruption in learning with COVID-19 and looking forward to how students and staff will return to school safely in August. Our team has begun to put together a plan that includes several scenarios for a return to school for the 2020-2021 school year. Ideally, all students would be back in the classroom full-time. We also realize with so many unknowns around COVID-19 this might not be possible. So, we are working through several scenarios ranging from full in-person instruction to fully remote instruction. It is hybrid scenario from these two that we are asking for input from parents and staff."

VISD is currently seeking important feedback from the community on its proposal and even offers a draft proposal in English and in Spanish for parents to read and consider.

We've included the link to the VISD Return to School Survey offered by VISD here. Additionally here is the Thought Exchange link from the VISD website to offer parents an opportunity to have their voices heard on the latest proposal as well. Click here.

If you have a student at VISD please review the video and these links. The future of education for our students is up to all of us.

Thank you for all that serve in educating our children.

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