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Waddle your way to Riverside! The Victoria Duck Safari is Back!

Here is an incredible and fun way to support many of our deserving non-profits in the Crossroads. Here is how it works... you buy a rubber duck in honor of your favorite non-profit "team" and on November 6th all of the ducks purchased will race down the Guadalupe River for cash prizes, like the grand prize of $5,000.

Here's the teaser from the Victoria Duck Safari on Youtube

What non-profits are participating?

From our local  Art League to our YMCA, you can be a part of the mission of 23 area non-profits by purchasing a rubber duck. Spearheaded by the Victoria Symphony Society,  The full list of non-profits who are participating can be viewed here.

Proud to be a Victorian

One of the things that makes me so proud to be a Victorian is our giving community. I've never spearheaded or participated in a fundraiser that didn't truly benefit our extended community family. Just like Victoria Symphony sharing in the fundraising process with the Victoria Duck Safari.

Last year was a little different, but just as fun and just as supportive of our local non-profits. Here is last year's event from Victoria Duck Safari on Youtube.

How much for a little rubber ducky?

A solo rubber duck is $5.00, but you can also purchase a "quack pack" of five ducks and get one free for $25.00 or you can go all out with a flock of ducks of 25 getting five for free for $100.00! 

If you buy one, or 100, you're still going to have the chance to win the grand prize of $5,000! It's all up to the winning duck, the first one to cross the finish line! Only 5,000 ducks will be sold so buy early! These little duckies go fast! Chances of winning depend on the total number of ducks entered.

You can check out the rubber duck pricing and the rules and regulations here.

See you at the Guadalupe at Riverside Park on November 6th.

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