The Walking Dead Season 7 may have taken a full eight episodes to get Rick raring to fight back against Negan, but the latter half isn’t wasting any time forging alliances. Our first clip from the 2017 premiere sees Jesus proposing an unorthodox, but kingly solution to the new rebellion’s shortage of soldiers.

After debuting the short sneak peek on Talking Dead this weekend, AMC released its first official clip of the as-yet-untitled Season 7B premiere, picking up with Rick and his reunited crew leaving Gregory’s Hilltop residence. Rick rightly notes the need for more manpower to take on the Saviors (cue some telling hesitation from Tara), but Jesus is well-aware of another community that might suit Rick’s needs.

Not to mention, the 2017 trailer also teased Rick’s group pleading their case in Ezekiel’s auditorium court, to say nothing of what Morgan and Carol might say about their friends dragging The Kingdom into a rebellion against the Saviors. And hey, what of that mysterious watcher, and his or her fancy boots?

There’s plenty more to explore as The Walking Dead prepares to “Rise Up” in its February 12 premiere, but will Rick manage to convince Ezekiel, or at least Carol to join the fight? Stay tuned for more on the second half of The Walking Dead Season 7 as it arrives.

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