Ah yes, September. The month that signifies the end of summer, on the calendar, anyway. We all know that the weather here in Texas won't start cooling off for another two months. September also means football is back. It also means a whole bunch of new laws go into effect across the state. Here's a rundown of those new laws.

You can put your kids to work becoming entrepreneurs because they'll be able to sell lemonade or other non-alcoholic beverages while on private property or in public parks.
What about gun laws? Landlords will not be able to ban their tenants from possessing weapons inside the home or apartment. Students will be allowed to have guns stored inside their locked vehicles at schools. Citizens who legally own firearms will be able to carry them in public if a state or natural disaster is declared. Also unless it is forbidden by a particular church, residents can carry firearms into houses of worship.
Self Defense Items, such as brass knuckles, clubs, and other such items.
The age of legal tobacco sales will rise to 21.
Craft breweries will be able to sell their beers to go and beer and wine delivery will be a thing.
The age to legally buy cough syrup at a store of pharmacy will be set at 18.
Package theft from deliveries left on your porch at homes or businesses will be a felony.
Municipalities will no longer be able to bar customers from bringing their dogs to a restaurant patio. That call will be up to the individual restaurant
The 'Chic-fil-A' bill will prohibit government agencies from taking action against businesses or individuals over religious or moral beliefs.
And, my personal favorite-a new law prohibits telemarketers from spoofing or using numbers that you're familiar with but turn out to be salespeople.
To see all the new laws and how they might affect you, click here.

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