I love going to the zoo and love learning all the names of the animals at the zoo. Did you know the Otter's name is Tony? One of the peacock's name is Prince.  Right now the zoo is needing your help naming the newest additions to the Texas Zoo? 2 baby owlets are now residing at the zoo in Riverside Park, and officials want your help in naming them. I asked my co-workers Evan and Kristin what they would name the owls.  Kristin  choose the name Hoot and Evan choose the name Ollie. What do you think?

On April 25, the zoo received five rescued owlets.Three were turned over to Bay City rehabbers, while two remained at the zoo to be used for educational purposes. You can learn more about them and see more photos in this story, “Texas Zoo gets new screech owlets (video).”

Zoo staff will announce the winning names in coming weeks. If you would like to submit your names please comment below.

Winners will have their names announced both on the Advocate’s website and the zoo’s newsletter and kqvt.com.

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