CODE RED: THIS IS NOT A TEST! I repeat: THIS IS NOT A TEST! There is a national shortage of chicken products, and it has finally hit too close to home.

The Lone Star State is feeling the effects of the national shortage in a very near and dear place: Whataburger. Yes, you heard that right; our beloved Whataburger is getting a little dry in the poultry area.

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A few nights ago, I became slightly alarmed when I hopped on my Whataburger app to order some Chicken Strips with some delicious gravy to bless my nephew, who is from California and has never had the pleasure of tasting Whataburger. However, to my surprise, I could not find a chicken strip meal on the app. I search all three locations in Victoria, and all three didn't have chicken strips on the menu. In fact, I dug even deeper, and there were absolutely no chicken options at all on the menu; I don't even eat chicken, and I was shook.

Yesterday I went stopped into one of the Whataburger locations on Navarro after doing a u-turn around the median, of course, and went to check out what exactly is going on.

I immediately noticed a sign on the menu above the cash registers. The sign was a notice to customers letting us know that many of the Whataburger chicken products may be out right now due to a chicken shortage. There it was, the sign of doom, Whataburger without chicken, is like Texas Roadhouse without steak or worse, Texas tea without sugar- scary!

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After briefly talking with an employee, I was informed a truck would be coming soon, and many of the regular chicken products would be available. However, they advised me to call the locations ahead of time to double-check.

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As of now, the Whataburger app says there is still a shortage of chicken and only lists two chick items throughout all Victoria Whataburger locations. Without chicken low, people might have to grab a burger instead. All I can say is, those ChickfilA cows must be sweatin' right about now!

Check out what everyone is saying online, because I know I am not the only one who is completely shook.


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