Let's be honest, bars are alright, but KARAOKE bars are where it's at. They are so nonjudgmental and will get roots and toots from the crowd whether you have the voice of Whitney Houston or a voice similar to me, Pooks, who sounds like a dying whale as soon as those musical notes come out.

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It does not matter; everyone is welcome and embraced whenever they hit the stage. Yes, some experts and experienced singers want to hit the stage every other song, but even the most inexperienced singers have fun.

Which begs the question: who has the best karaoke at the Crossroads? Where are they, first of all. I know I've been in the audience for Burdogz karaoke night, which was super fun to watch. I've heard of some restaurants holding a karaoke night, but really where are they at? 

Karaoke is so much fun. I like to go to a Karaoke bar in Houston that has private rooms for groups. Now that is a blast. The rooms are so unique, too; each room has its own theme. My favorite is the Hello Kitty room; I turn up Lizzo, "Truth Is," and go to town!

@__pooksWhen you find out they got Lizzo at karaoke ##lizzo ##truthis ##3moods ##karaoke ##singing

♬ original sound - Alex Salinas

If you would go to a Karaoke bar, or maybe you attend them regularly, what is your favorite go-to song? Check out these Texas karaoke favorite that is sure to be a hit and get the crowd going.Also, let us know where the best Karaoke night is in the Crossroads in this poll!

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