A new exclusive social media experience called WhoSay.com is drawing the attention of stars like Tom Hanks, Sarah Silverman and Lindsay Lohan away from Facebook and Twitter.

While many celebrities regularly use basic social media sites, they come with a risk. Stars don’t have copyright protection over what they post and could lose possible revenue derived from their writing, photos and videos.

That’s why so many celebs are flocking to WhoSay, which describes itself as the source for “Photos and videos directly from Celebrities and Influencers.” It culls Twitter and Facebook feeds as well as any other social media bits into one easy-to-use platform built to stars’ specifications — for free.

WhoSay is an off-shoot of the talent agency CAA, but its business development head Michael Yanover says it’s not just for CAA clients, but rather “born out of a problem that we saw — and an opportunity.”

“Our clients were losing control of their identities and having their content taken from them without consent,” he said, noting celebrity Twitpics have been illegally used to promote products and that people sometimes create fake celebrity social media accounts with stars’ names and likenesses attached.

CAA felt the solution was a social media site with a rights management system to “allow artists and athletes to organize their content in one place, manage their persona, and do it on an international basis.”

Other well-known stars who’ve become part of WhoSay’s community are Anderson Cooper, Zooey Deschanel and ‘Bridesmaids’ director Paul Feig.

While Feig says he was pleased to have been invited to WhoSay, he’s a bit surprised to be among the famous and, sometimes, the infamous. “I’m sort of the opposite of that Groucho Marx joke: I like clubs that would have me as a member,” he said. “To be in with that group… it’s an ego boost for me.”