***This story was originally published in April of 2021***

UPDATED 8/1/22

The medians has been completed for just over a year and there are still only convenience stores/gas stations on one side of Navarro(East Side). This is something that I noticed years ago  and now that medians are in place it is very evident. First of all, let me clarify.  There are two convenience stores/gas stations on the West side of Navarro.  Kincers, which is located on the far south side of Navarro at the Water St. intersection and the Speedy Stop at the corner of Navarro and Glascow.

So the nerd in me came out and I did a little research because I like numbers and facts.  There is a 5.8 mile stretch on Navarro with no convenience stores on the Westside, which include the most congested parts of Navarro.  In the same 5.8 mile stretch, there are 9 gas stations on the East side of Navarro, if you include HEB and Sam's Club.

I reached out to the City of Victoria Planning Services to see if there were any zoning issues. There is not! If you remember back, there actually have been some gas stations on that side that have closed over time. So there is opportunity there and  If you live in Central or South Victoria, you know this is something we need.

This might be a money-making idea. There is land across from the HEB Plus that would be perfect and since land is limited on the Southside, maybe one can be built in the parking lot of Lacks/China B.  As for now, there is a good chance that you will have to make a U-turn or take the back roads to put gas in your vehicle on Navarro. Drive safe, Victoria!


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