Why did TikTok phenomenon Charli D'Amelio lose a million followers on the platform this week?

On Monday (November 16), the D'Amelio Family YouTube page released a video of their family dinner. The video has over 8 million views... but not for good reasons.

The video, titled "Dinner With the D'Amelios," featured chef Aaron May who prepared a meal for Charli, her sister Dixie, parents, Marc and Heidi, and fellow influencer James Charles. But when the chef brought out a traditional plate that featured snails, there was mixed reactions from the group, particularly sisters Charli and Dixie.

“It’s classic paella, and it’s actually an omen of good luck and fortune,” Aaron told the table. Charli crossed her arms and responded, “Liars!" Dixie tasted the snails and immediately gagged before running away to vomit. Heidi asked her to not be so "dramatic." Charli then asked Aaron if she could have dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets instead of the paella.

Fans were not happy and called Dixie and Charli "brats," "privileged and unappreciative of a meal that a private chef made them," among other negative comments.

At the time of this article's publication, Charli has just under 98.6 million followers, a huge contrast from the 99.5+ million followers she had on Wednesday (November 18). Charli is the most followed user on the platform and typically gains more than a hundred thousand followers on a daily basis and was on track to hit 100 million followers before the scandal.

Watch the controversial video, below.

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