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Winter Storm Warning for the Crossroads

Crossroads can expect to see the winter storm warning continuing late tonight through Friday morning.

What is a winter storm warning?

According to NOOA, a winter storm warning includes the chance of heavy snowfall OR sleet of 1/2" or more. In the Crossroads, it's the sleet that has caused the most concern with rain expected tonight making driving extremely dangerous.

Tonight's Temperatures

Weather reports indicate a chance of icy rain with a winter storm warning for most of South Texas. Tonight you can expect up to a 50% chance of rain showers and sleet before midnight, then a chance of rain showers, freezing rain, and sleet between midnight and 1 am, then a chance of rain, snow, freezing rain, and sleet after 1 am.

Will it snow tonight?

Unfortunately ( or fortunately ) little or no snow and sleet accumulation is expected. But again as we have learned, stranger things have happened!

How cold will it get in the Crossroads this weekend?

Tonight and tomorrow morning it's predicted to be the coldest weather of the weekend. The high today was 43 but dropping down from there.  A high of 47 is expected for Friday highs and a low of 30. Saturday and Sunday expect highs in the 50s and lows in the 40's or high 30s.

What was the biggest challenge you faced last year during our freak winter freeze?

It's hard to believe we even faced the unexpected issues that occurred during last year's power crisis and freezing temperatures, something Texans are unlikely to ever forget.  What was the biggest challenge you faced last year during the freak winter freeze? Let us know on our station apps, we'd love to hear your story.

Here is NOAA's Facebook page for more details. As always we will keep you updated as well.

Be sure to remember the 3 P's today through the weekend! Be sure to take care of your pets, your plants, and your pipes.

The Texas Department of Transportation also offers these tips for driving in winter conditions;

· Slow down and increase the following distance between your vehicle and others. It can take twice as long to stop on wet roads and even longer on icy roads.

· Do not use cruise control, which may cause you to lose control on icy surfaces.

· Brake gently, applying slow, steady pressure to test traction.

· Approach turns, bridges and shaded spots slowly. If start to skid, stay calm; keep both hands on the wheel; take your foot off the gas; look where you want to go, and steer that direction.

· Keep a safe distance away from snowplows and TxDOT vehicles as they treat roadways.

Stay safe and warm Crossroads! 

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