Old habits are hard to break. In the case of Wiz Khalifa his habit might lead him to some serious jail time. The ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ rapper was busted for weed possession for the second time in 10 days!

The bust occurred on Tuesday night (May 2) in Winston-Salem, N.C. (following a sold-out concert at Joel Coliseum), after police smelled the marijuana order coming from his tour bus. 

According to Winston-Salem Journal, officer J.C. Renew was patrolling the stadium parking lot when he detected a “strong odor of burnt or burning marijuana” coming from Wiz’s tour bus. After obtaining a search warrant, authorities raided Wiz’s bus and seized 11.39 grams of marijuana. The Pittsburgh MC was ticketed and released, but 18 to 19 other people were charged with drug possession, including one for felony possession of ecstasy.

What makes this even more worst is that this will be Wiz’s second charge in 10 days for possession of marijuana. The first time it happened was on April 21 in Nashville after police raided his hotel room.

Wiz seemed to take the citation in stride and tweeted to his followers, “Made It Out Alive.” When one concerned fan wrote to Wiz about the drug charges, he simply responded, “Hey, it happens.”

Wiz and his entourage will have to answer to the charges at a scheduled court date set for July 27. We hope Wiz won’t have to go to the pokey for this, because that would definitely mess up his summer.