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One of the more shocking events caught on a home surveillance camera this week is out of North Texas!

From the backyard camera of a home in Lake Worth in North Texas, a terrifying crash can be seen in real-time.

An SUV crashes through the backyard of a family home, seemingly from out of nowhere demolishing the fence and then landing right into the middle of the family pool!

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Thankfully no injuries were reported.


The driver was not impaired.

The van was also not hit by a car behind them leading them to crash through the fence, nor was the driver impaired.

So what happened?

Police in Lake Worth Texas offers that the investigation of this incredible crash is still ongoing but they believe the driver of the SUV was "simply driving too fast for roadway conditions."

Slow down please, especially in inclement weather.


In the video, as the fence is blown away by the impact of the hit, you can see through into the street outside.

Seemingly it does appear that the roads may have been wet after rain.

 You've got to see it for yourself! Thanks to WFAA on Youtube for this incredibly scary video!

Thankfully for the driver, good samaritans rushed to the aid of the floating SUV before it sank to the bottom of the pool.

Do you know what to do if you are submerged in a vehicle after an accident?

Here is a great video on Youtube from the Weather Channel on Youtube.


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