Almost too unbelievable to comprehend, but a 2-year-old toddler was wandering alone in Houston early Sunday morning when he was struck by a vehicle on Westheimer Road.

The parents of a two-year-old are being questioned after their son wandered from home early Sunday morning and was accidentally hit by a vehicle after he had wandered across all four lanes and being struck on the 13800 block of Westheimer.

The driver was inconsolable.

Understandably, the driver of the vehicle did not see the little boy in time to slow down and was reported as being inconsolable even as the toddler was airlifted to the hospital via Lifeflight. It's reported that the driver was on his way to work. Thankfully he immediately called 911 to report the accident.

Where were the parents?

At this time there are still questions as to why the toddler was on his own outside in Houston as well as how long he had been wandering alone but they were able to identify who his parents were as they had sadly just reported him missing minutes before the toddler was hit.

 Accidents in Texas are On the Rise

According to KXAN Texas is being reported as having a real crisis when it comes to accidents on Texas roads, averaging 11 deaths every day in 2021 with 555 pedestrians killed in fatal traffic accidents this year alone. Just a few minutes of research indicates that Texas has an increase in hit and run accidents now as well.

End the Streak Texas 2021

The Texas Department of Transportation has launched the #endthestreaktx, a campaign to help end the 21-year record of daily fatalities in Texas. You can hear more about End The Streak Texas this weekend on Victoria Report airing Sunday morning on each of our stations. It's an in-depth interview with TX.Dot representatives as they give us facts and tips about breaking the deadly streak in Texas.

Drive safe Crossroads.

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